Welcome to Hear Us Now. We are an exclusive club helping people to develop their speaking careers. We have members from all over the world. We have more than fifty thousand members in our club from 60 countries. People join us to improve their speaking skills. We have more than 500 clubs in various countries that act as the meeting locations for our members.

By helping people to become a better speaker, we also help them to be a better leader. Leaders often need to communicate with their followers, and so it’s important that they have an excellent speaking ability. By joining our club, you will be able to attend sessions where you will need to give speeches regularly and get feedback. We arrange various speaking contests throughout the year in which our members participate. These contests are very effective and motivate the members to perform better. We also arrange speakers to have speaking experiences in actual settings like a local conference. This way, they get to overcome the stage fright and get the actual audience response.

If you are struggling with your speaking ability, then join our club today. We will help you to turn into an outstanding speaker and a great leader.