Become a Member


If you are interested in developing your public speaking skills by joining our club, here are a few steps you need to take.

  1. Visit one of our clubs near you. We have a ‘find a club’ tool which you can use to locate a club nearest to your place. Every club has its unique cultures. You can choose to visit more than one club to find out which one is right for you.
  2. After you have chosen a club of your preference, ask the club authority for a membership application. Fill out the form and return it.
  3. A new member kit will be soon sent to you. You will find all the information regarding the membership.
  4. As a new member, you will have to pay a one-time US $30 fee. Every member has to pay US $50 every six months to keep their membership valid.

Before you join our club, we recommend that you com as a guest to some of our meetings. This will give you an idea of what we do and whether you would like to be part of it. After you join us, the orientation meeting is very important. You must attend the first meeting and get to know more about the club and interact with the members.