3 Best Motivational Speakers in the World


Motivational speakers can create a huge impact in people’s lives. Their words are very inspirational and powerful. When you hear them, you just feel like listening to them again and again. Here is a list of the best motivational speakers in the world today.

1. Eric Thomas

He was born in Detroit. At the age of 16, he became homeless. He had the determination to go forward in life and achieve great things. He completed all the educational qualifications he missed when he was homeless. Now he is one of the most motivational speakers in the world. His YouTube videos are very popular. He has published many books as well.

2. Tony Robbins

He was born in Los Angeles. He had a very abusive childhood. As a result, he left home at the age of 17. Initially, he promoted seminars for another great speaker Jim Rohn. Later, he decided to follow Rohn’s footsteps. He has changed many people’s lives through his motivational speeches and best-selling books.

3. Les Brown

He is a great motivational speaker. His words have deep meanings that get through people, and they love listening to him. His YouTube videos and books are very popular. He was born in Miami, Florida. When he was in grad school, he was declared as mentally retarded. Despite such allegations, he kept on continuing his learning journey.

These speakers motivate us. They show us positive things in life and give us the confidence to dream and fulfill those dreams. These speakers tell us how you can make your life more meaningful.

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