5 Tips to Become a Great Public Speaker


Public speaking helps you in many ways. It can help you to make contacts, get funding for your business, to promote something you want. Many people suffer from stage fright. You need to get out of this stage fright if you want to be a good public speaker. Here are five tips to help you.

Know your audience

Before speaking in public, you should analyze your audiences. You should consider the size of the audience, their education, and experience. You should make your speech appropriate for the audiences.

Make the room ready

You should have a good audiovisual setup in the room you are going to deliver your speech. You should inform the authority beforehand on what equipment you will require during the presentation. Make more than one copy of your presentation so that you don’t fall into any awkward situation.

Make the audiences feel comfortable

You should start your speech with something interesting. You can tell a story or explain an incident. You should attract the audiences within a few minutes of your speech. You can also share a joke to make the audience laugh and feel relaxed.

Make eye contact with the audience

Some people write the whole speech in papers and just read them out. There are others who read out from their PowerPoint slides. Both these categories of speakers are not making any eye contact with the audiences. By doing the audiences will lose the interest of hearing you. So, you should make good eye contact with the audiences when you speak and use notes sparingly.

You should be interesting and energetic to keep the audiences engaged. Don’t talk about any dull topics. Make your speech interesting so that the audiences feel interested in listening to you.

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